70% of users are able to recall all brand sponsors within CrowdPlay immediately following a game.

Powerful Advertising

In a format that is unlike ordinary ad queuing displays, CrowdPlay offers advertisers a more consistent and effective means of advertising through sponsored question categories and interactive screens. CrowdPlay provides a non-obtrusive means of interactive advertising without breaking the user experience. With a direct route, via a robust and elegant second screen experience, CrowdPlay places sponsors in the hands of fans allowing them to join the crowd - in-venue or from home.

Drive Actual Sales

Advertisers see a direct return on their investment as CrowdPlay fans become sponsored buyers. Additional fan engagement is achieved through point redemption for products and exclusive offers directly driving traffic and sales. Point redemption goes beyond engagement and sponsors see real revenue from transactions driven by CrowdPlay.

Real-Time Engagement Data

CrowdPlay supplies access to in-depth analytics that measures reach and frequency effectiveness, fan demographics and viewing behavior, as well as a host of other measurements.

Ad Formats

Lead Signage captures the full attention of all fans.This main sponsor is the center of all eyes for fans and receives the most exposure through the highest frequency of views.

Interactive Signage sponsors are associated with each individual game play action that fans perform. Interactive signage sponsors are identified with an engaging and adrenalized experience.

Interstitial Signage offers a direct call to action with the ability to individually showcase products through a unique interactive form by capturing the fan’s undivided attention.

Categorical Signage sponsors are associated with each individual on-demand action that fans perform with category naming rights to key informational areas and a custom banner.

Captivating Advertisements change the complexion of the platform, by presenting questions that asks the player to take actions beyond answering.

Beat The Crowd creates anticipation for question(s) as well as provides instant rewards to the fans who answer the fastest. Risk Reward asks the fan to quantify their confidence in answering a single question and allows them to reap the bounty that they choose in reward for their knowledge.

These specialty questions create a sponsor spotlight that holds the fans’ attention while bringing additional excitement to answering.