CrowdPlay - Engagement Beyond The Game

We’re redefining the fan experience with a revolutionary Engagement Program that increases loyalty, drives engagement, rewards fans, and maximizes revenue through interactive sponsorship and ticket sales opportunities - 365 days a year.


Drive Engagement - Anywhere, Anytime!

It’s all about fan engagement. We’re reshaping the “how” and “why” you engage fans with a model that keeps them coming back all year long - turning top of mind awareness from game day to every day.

Reward your fans for the actions they take as well as the depth and frequency of their engagement with your team content. Performing simple, yet vital tasks like:

Engaging With Team Social Media

Reward fans for further engagement with your social media posts.

Reading/Sharing Articles

Drive fans to read and share news.

Watching Videos

Drive viewership to highlight videos, post game press conferences, etc.

Attendance/TV Viewership

Reward attendance and outside viewership.


Reward and promote fan purchases.

And More!

14x Daily App Engagement

(When integrated into existing team applications)

Game Time Is Engagement Time

We’ve developed a state of the art game-day experience that revolutionizes the way fans interact with the live game they’re watching. Fans engage in real-time by answering tailored on-the-spot questions during stoppages only.


Tailored to each specific game and constantly reacting to the action - ensuring no experience is ever the same.


Retiring a jersey? Have sponsored on field contests? We can adapt the experience to your special occasions - now the whole crowd can be involved!

Live Operated

A dedicated CrowdPlay support team handles all operations.

33x Increase In Time Spent in-App

(When integrated into existing team applications)

Rewards & The Marketplace

When we build it, they will come! By developing a robust marketplace for each organization we partner with, fans use their accumulated points to redeem awesome rewards - cultivating a more loyal and engaged fan base. It’s fast. It’s easy. Compelling rewards are how the magic happens!

All In One

We take your existing fan shop and bring it to life by allowing fans to earn the very best items you have available today!

Fully Customizable!

Have additional merchandise? Exclusive perks and experiences? What about something like parking passes? You name it and we can include it!

17x App Downloads

(When integrated into existing team applications)

Maximize Revenue

We’ve architected a best-in-class monetization infrastructure that expands sponsorship inventory, drives purchases, and increases ticket sales.


High brand impact performance opportunities that increase sponsorship inventory and maximizes the potential of your sales team.

Sell Anything

Put a dollar amount on more premium items and give fans the option to purchase without using their points - or a blend of both!

Resell Tickets

Double down on unused tickets to ensure no missed ticket sale opportunities.

16x Mobile Sponsorship Revenue

Fan Engagement Drives Brand Engagement

Sponsorship opportunities used to be restricted to game day only, but not anymore! Whether through interactive sponsorship placements or providing brands with their own forum to offer exclusive deals, products and/or services, we expand your sponsorship opportunities from Game Day to Every Day!


Offering brands a more consistent and effective means of advertising in a format that is unlike ordinary ad queuing displays.

Driving Traffic and ROI

Providing your brands their own forum to offer products, services, or exclusive offers - further turning fans into sponsored buyers.

Anywhere, Anytime

Expanding beyond Game Day - breaking the barriers of in venue to anywhere!

70% of Fans Recall All Brand Sponsors

Real-Time Engagement Data

Our cutting-edge analytics tool provides in-depth analysis that measures engagement along with reach and frequency effectiveness. Now you can finally understand who your fans actually are along with their level of engagement, while also facilitating the opportunity for brands to connect with fans all year long.

Understand Your Fans

Who are your fans? How old is your most engaged audience? How do you connect with them? Let us answer those questions for you with real analytics.


Understand your fans viewing behaviors, their level of engagement, and so much more.


See fan redemptions and purchases, as well as forecasted results.

Sponsorship Data

Provide your brands with data that your billboards inside the stadium can’t tell you. Actual impressions, click-throughs, ad view-time, redemptions, etc.

Discover New Trends

Arrival time, exit time, retention rate - discover new trends that help you understand your fan base at a new level.

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It’s Turnkey!

Getting started is fast, easy, and seamless!

Integration Ready

We offer multiple integration methods to fit into existing team applications - or stand alone.

Customized Design

Your brand is important and we value that. We configure the platform to fit your organization and we can adjust and change assets on a game to game basis.


Leave the heavy lifting to us. We handle all operations and our support team is on standby 24/7 to accommodate any changes or adjustments needed.



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