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Rick Alessandri Joins CrowdPlay's Advisory Board

April 13, 2021


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Harold Topper


Rick Alessandri Joins CrowdPlay's Advisory Board

Boston, MA—April 13, 2021) CrowdPlay is proud to announce Rick Alessandri as a new member to the Advisory Board.

Alessandri brings years of experience in the sporting industry -- spending more than half his 30-year career in media in various roles at ESPN. His roles at ESPN included CXO and Managing Director for the X Games franchise and Senior Vice President for ESPN Enterprises and Consumer Products. After spending seven years as Executive Vice President for Univision Communications, the US’s leading Hispanic media company, Rick is now Managing Director at TurnkeyZRG - where he is expanding its growing media and tech practice by leveraging his vast experience with major media entities.

Alessandri’s expertise in the sports market, experience with constructing strategic plans to accelerate growth and expansion, and having built long-standing relationships with global leaders in the industry makes him well-suited to advise CrowdPlay. CrowdPlay is honored to call upon Alessandri as a key advisor.

About CrowdPlay: 

CrowdPlay redefines the fan experience with a revolutionary Engagement Program that increases loyalty, drives engagement, rewards fans, and maximizes revenue through interactive sponsorship and ticket sales opportunities - 365 days a year.

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